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what time is it?

Close your eyes and try to think back to a time before you had your phone on you at every waking moment—to a time when you needed a watch to tell time. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't that long ago. And although you would never let your phone battery die or (even worse) forget it at home, you should still rock a statement watch. Not only does it look cool, retro, and whathaveyou, but it's also a great, non-distracting way to check the time. Click through the gallery to see our favorite watches, including some killer unisex and men's picks. 

Breda, 1678e, $55, available at Breda Watch.

Swatch, Dangerous Lies, $70, available at Swatch.

Domeni Company, Black Signature Series Watch, $250, available at Domeni Company.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, MBM5540 X-Up Watch, $244.65, available at ASOS.

Timex, Easy Reader, $36, available at Timex.

Casio, A158WEA-9, $24.95, available at Casio.

Daniel Wellington, Class Oxford Mens, $195, available at Daniel Wellington.

Baby-G, BA110-1A, $110, available at Baby-G.

Nixon for Kate Spade Saturday, Time Teller P, $85, available at Nixon.

Larsson & Jennings, CM Silver-Plated Watch, $350, available at Net-A-Porter.