supermarket: the ultimate socks

    a case for wearing socks with sandals

    by · May 07, 2015

    When the summer sun’s out, then your legs are out—as dictates homeostasis. But that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your sock collection. In fact, now is the time to show off your craziest pairs.

    If you’re looking to build up your collection, try different types of socks that you can either fold over, or ones you can scrunch down for an ’80s Flashdance feel. They pair perfectly with a plain canvas sneaker and also look great with a sandal (contrary to popular belief). But be careful: Don’t wear them with flip flops—your socks (and feet) will look extremely strange. Also, don’t use a very chunky sock—the thinner the fabric, the more flattering it will look with a sandal. Check out the gallery for our favorites.

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