get a kick out of supra’s new women’s collection.

by jazzi mcgilbert

Even though we've long been able to our Supra kicks in little boys' sizes, we're finally getting sneakers we can call our own. After 6 years of sneakers made for boys (but loved by ladies, too), Supra has unveiled its first full women's collection. The range includes neon high tops, candy-colored low tops and many combinations thereof, all in classic Supra silhouettes that you won't have to convert to dude sizing. They've also collaborated with Kerin Rose of A-morir (and of Lady Gaga's statement eyewear fame) on an all-black-everything Skytop covered in double sided black and chrome sequins. Now you can finally stop complaining about your feet hurting in those 6-inch monsters and slip into something way more comfortable, but equally fun. We salute you, Supra. Get the new collection at for $60-100. Race ya to those Neon Coral Skytops!