book club: surf’s up

the best new beach photo books!

by liza darwin

Surfing the internet is great and all... but when it's 80 degrees and sunny out? It's time to take a break from the fluorescent laptop screen, head to the beach, and do the real thing. And if you're in need of inspiration, this new crop of books should help.

Retro photography is having a major resurgence--especially surf imagery from the '60s and '70s--and iconic shutterbugs like LeRoy Grannis have culled together the best of the best in these new reads. The pictures themselves might be throwback, but the high-waisted swimsuits, massive waves, and laid-back vibes are just as relatable as ever.

So whether you're looking for surfing inspiration, outfit ideas, or just a really goodlooking tome for your coffee table, it doesn't matter. No summer is complete without these new books, and we've rounded up our faves right here. Click through the gallery, grab your bikini, and then start planning your next beach trip. (NYLONmag.com will be here waiting for you when you get back!)

Bunker Spreckels. Surfing's Divine Prince of Decadence

LeRoy Grannis. Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

A Golden Age: Surfing's Revolutionary 1960s and '70s

Distant Shores: Surfing The Ends Of The Earth

California Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties