Swatch Releases Sporty, “Gran Turismo” Collection

Get ready to shift gears and hit the gas.more

Swatch, the stylish swiss-based watch company known for its trendy appeal and bold designs, has come out with a new race-car inspired collection perfect for the guy on the go.

Dubbed the 'Gran Turismo', this collection draws upon the synergy of the open road with automobile-infused elements that result in sleek, sporty pieces without sacrificing style. With names like 'Red Brake' and 'Destination Madrid', the concept smartly blends the label's modern approach to design with the functionality and utilitarian foundation of a watch. Materials range from plastic and silicon to stainless steel and leather, giving the wearer a wide choice of stylish options. The collection was made with the racing lifestyle in mind, with each design having us zoom forward, full speed ahead. Perfect, then, for kicking back and letting the wrist do the talking - while still being in cruise control.

By: Mario Abad