sweaters by shredders

The most AWESOME sweaters ever!!

by Josh Madden

sweaters by shredders

Many a late night we post up on the laptop, scrolling into the wee hours of the morning, scouring the internet for the craziest and most original things we can find. It was one such night a few weeks ago when we stumbled across 


and we felt the light from our laptop glow upon our faces (sort of like 

the briefcase in 

Pulp Fiction


Information on the Texas-based company was scarce, but swiping through the pictures on


we fell in love with every sweater. We reached out "to whom it may concern"-style via the 

contact us

page on their website and a guy named James wrote us a day later.

We were lucky enough to get ahold of the rare Wu Tang sweater before it was gone forever and the Alien sweater. The quality and the warmth of these bad boys is second to none--seriously, aside from being the most original items in our fall wardrobe, they are hands-down the best quality we've ever seen. Check out the Shedders website 


and get yourself or your best homies a sweater that they definitely won't find anywhere else.