We Found A Drink That Can Be Used As A Mixer And Cure Your Hangover

It’s going to be a good summer

by Brittany Bennett

Now that the sun is in no rush to set, we’re invading our backyards with flamingos and lawn chairs. Summer is back and so are the parties—with a forecasted flood of cocktails. But with such torrential portions of rum comes the consequential hangover. And as adults with responsibilities a little more mature than meeting up at the town pool for chicken fingers, we have to keep emails clean of any trace of the night before. Now, there’s a drink to help with that: switchel.

The season has changed and so we’re switching out our old hangover rebuttal routine with a few swigs of this tart beverage. Switchel is a simple concoction of natural ingredients diluted with water that’s literally rooted in the fields of colonial farmers. Kevin and Hilary Duffy of CideRoad, an organic bottled switchel brand you can now find nationwide, discovered the drink after an adventure down a side road (get it?) in Vermont. After a taste, they were hooked. And with good reason. Made of apple cider vinegar, ginger, and maple syrup, this bottle is the closest we’ve gotten to a healing potion without having to invest in a cauldron or questionable ingredients. While the apple cider vinegar recharges the system with enzymes, ginger relieves any rum-induced nausea, and the maple syrup pulls it all together so you can have your happy hour and morning Pilates too.

The versatile drink isn’t just good for curing hangovers. A few sips a day will ward off any germs that dare inch near your immune system after a night of dancing in seaside breeze with wet hair. We also recommend zipping switchel into your hiking bag for outdoor adventures. Those same healing properties help refuel the energy lost chugging up an incline in the wild. Every electrolyte-infused slurp is like an energy drink but without the Russian novel length ingredient list.

We’ll be keeping switchel within arms reach this summer. And stuffing it in our beach totes, adventure packs, nightstand, fridge, and even our cocktails.

Find CideRoad switchel in a store near you, here.