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    by nylon · April 29, 2013
    The moment you've been waiting for is here: The NYLON x NIKEiD sneakers are out and available to design and buy on NIKEiD.com or on your mobile device. Pretty awesome, right?

    The only remaining question isn't whether you're getting a pair--because duh--but rather, what look you're going to create. We enlisted nine influencers to come up with their own customized kicks, and before you start your own pair read through their bios and learn about the inspiration behind each design.

    Marvin Scott Jarrett
    Who: NYLON's editor-in-chief
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "I love an all-black design, but I wanted this shoe to look more signature NYLON, so I added a pink swoosh. My look is usually based around black denim and T-shirts, so these shoes are a way to add a bit of color to the look. They'll work well during the day, and can be dressed up at night. I've always been a Nike fan, originally of the SB, and I love all the ways you can customize the shoes using NIKEiD."

    Ray Siegel
    Who: NYLON's senior web editor
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "Initially, I was going for a girly vibe, but after testing out hundreds of colorways at NIKEiD until I actually closed down the shop, I chose my three favorite colors, which completely clash. It's my belief that Dunks go with everything, but I'll wear these with denim, athletic wear, or, if I need to get more dressed up, a white collared dress."

    Dani Stahl
    Who: NYLON's style editor at large
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "I was feeling a bit masculine when designing my Dunks, so I went with a lot of black and white and a pop of color. Nike has always been an integral part of my wardrobe. I love to mix sneakers with sportswear, and Dunks add unexpected flair to many of my outfits. I'd love to pull off my kicks with a black-tie dress; I'm going to bring that cool editorial concept to life one of these days."

    Josh Madden
    Who: NYLON Guys' content and marketing director
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "I've been wearing Dunks since 1998, and I've always wanted to design a pair of my own. This style was inspired by my love of doughnuts. I can't think of anything they won't go with--the slhouette is perfect, and they age really well."

    Vashtie Kola
    Who: Video director, photographer, writer, and one of the founders of monthly New York City party 1992
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "I wanted the shoes to represent me, but I also wanted them to be universally appealing. I wanted the shoe to be simple, yet bold. I really liked the idea of a solid color, with no frills or distractions."

    Mehdi Chabane
    Who: A Parisian stylist and founder of fashion blog SeriousWapanese
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "These were inspired by the wave--my U.S. homies got me started saying 'wavy.' I designed these with summer in mind. My wardrobe is very simple: plain tees and hoodies and lots of sweatpants. I have always loved streetwear more than anything, and this pair works perfectly, because it's simple and clean."

    J. Errico
    Who: NYLON's and NYLON Guys' fashion director
    NIKEid Inspiration: "My shoes were inspired by my favorite football club. Personalized Dunks are about the only shoes that make it into my closet, where space is scarce. I'm planning to rock these all summer long, mostly in Italy or wherever I can be assured that countless Italians will be able to sweat my sick kicks."

    Jayne Min
    Who: Apparel designer and founder of fashion blog Stop It Right Now
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "My constant inspiration is Mr.T and all his infinite wisdom. I have a tattoo that says 'I Pity The Fool,' so I just extended the two key words to the shoes. I wear black about 80 percent of the time, so choosing a color was a no-brainer."

    Josh Kissi
    Who: Co-founder of men's lifestyle website Street Etiquette
    NIKEiD Inspiration: "My inspiration was the spring season, so I focused on finding a great color. This is a perfect example of a great high-top I can wear with shorts or jeans. I'm going to try wearing them tonally, with a same-color outfit."
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