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    by · May 30, 2014

    Sylvan Esso - “Coffee” (MS MR remix)

    It makes almost too much sense that the first time I’d hear the original Sylvan Esso song at the base of this sweet MS MR remix, I’d be standing in line at my local coffee shop, uncaffeinated, on one of those not-hot, not-cold, true Spring days, trying to make that oh-so-important decision: iced or hot. Of course I was searching for the song on my phone before the second sip and streaming it the rest of the day. In this loop-rich edit, MS MR distills the track down to its espresso bean core and serves up a straight red-eye, none of that blonde roast with butter nonsense. MELISSA GIANNINI

    Tape Waves - “Stay All Night”

    South Carolina newlyweds Jarod and Kim Weldin, a.k.a. the Tape Waves, only started playing music together a little over a year ago after meeting in the workplace, but their fragile yet refined tracks packed with melodic charm sound nothing like casual co-worker jamming. Songs like” Stay All Night” fuse raw, whispered pining for lost love with infectious surf-esque, reverb-infused guitar. The combination is a hazy, beachside daydream. Let’s be real, getting friend-zoned never sounded so good. BANU IBRAHIM

    Strand of Oaks - “Shut In”

    For most people, summer anthems are beachy, bassy things. Well, friends, it’s time to add “Bruce-y” to that list. Strand of Oaks’ epic Heal is out June 24 -- just in time for the season’s sweat apex -- and of the singles dropped so far, this one is the most Springsteen-iest, a sweet breeze of sad satisfaction to help you through that moment when the window unit finally calls it quits for good. MG

    Yeo - “Kobe”

    If the name Yeo doesn’t immediately strike a chord with you, it’s most likely because the Australian producer/musician--despite having a wide fan-base down under--is just starting to make waves in the U.S. with his latest single “Kobe”. Yeo, who enlisted the help of MOOP JAW, delivers the ultimate summer anthem: A catchy, synth-dream that can lend its chords to play over a slow-motion scene of two teenagers making out, or like, someone partying way too hard. Oh, and the music video is pretty awesome too. JADE TAYLOR

    Be Calm Honcho - “I Love California”

    Our summer to-do list is set, thanks to this fun new video from Bay Area quartet Be Calm Honcho. Old bikes, dirt roads, and swimming holes—we’re coming for you! MG

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