t-system by leica

Celebrating 100 years of innovation…

by Christian Lavery

With a century of innovation attached to its name, Leica has announced the latest camera to join the family: the T-System.

Designed through a partnership with Audi, the newest shooter is crafted from a single 3.5-pound brick of aluminum, which is then polished for 45 minutes by hand, ensuring its minimalistic "unibody" appearance. In addition to the T-Sysytem’s sleek appearance, it houses only the essentials, with an APS-C image sensor, and touchscreen display, wifi connectivity, and a clickable strap system.

The camera won’t officially hit the market until the May 26th, but while you wait, peep the video below...or better yet, check out the T-System’s “The Most Boring Ad Ever Made,” HERE (granted, you have 45 minutes to kill).

The new Leica T-System from Leica Camera on Vimeo.