Choose Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram: The ‘Trainspotting 2’ Trailer Is Here

The gang’s all back

The Trainspotting sequel very much wants to make you aware that it’s set 20 years after its predecessor. The upcoming film’s new trailer opens with Johnny Lee Miller’s Sick Boy asking Ewan McGregor’s Rent Boy what he’s been up to for the last two decades. And then, in a 21st-century update of McGregor’s iconic monologue from the first movie, he tells us to choose “Facebook,” “Twitter,” and “Instagram.” Later,  slut-shaming and revenge porn also get name-checked, firmly placing this movie in the age of the internet.

The entire cast is back, along with original director Danny Boyle, which explains why this seamlessly feels like a Trainspotting movie. Plot details still haven’t been released, but based on this frenetic and often gorgeous first trailer, Renton returns to Edinburgh after some time away, during which he presumably kicked his heroin habit, and gets sucked back into his old ways once he reconnects with the old gang. That’s generally how these things tend to go. The film is loosely based on Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh’s own sequel, Porno, which is set only 10 years after the original and which follows the boys as they shadily get mixed up in the adult industry.

T2: Trainspotting, as it’s officially being called, hits theaters on February 3.