tail & nose bookends by skate-home

Add a little edge to your library…

by Christian Lavery

It pretty much stands as a fact that walking into a home with a wall full of books leaves one instantly impressed…until you find out they’re only for show. Regardless, having a library definitely has the ability to class up a place. But at NYLON Guys, it goes without saying that we like to add a little edge and personal touch to whatever we can -- even a good old collection of paperbacks. Skate-Home, a company that unites skateboarding with interior design, crafts handmade bookends -- among a slew of other furniture related pieces -- which bring an urban vibe to an otherwise scholarly setting. The bookends come with a tail and nose, or just as a single piece, and in four different finishes. Pick them up HERE for 149€, or roughly 205 U.S dollars.