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“Flex” Is The New Tampon Alternative You Can Wear While Having Sex

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Startup The Flex Company just raised $1 million, and for good reason. The innovative brand makes a unique disposable disc—similar to a menstrual cup—which can even be worn during sex, according to its website.

Flex is hoping to revolutionize the period product market, with claims that its discs have several benefits over tampons and pads, including the need to change them less often.

Its mission states that "Many of the physical discomforts and inconveniences that we associate with our period are caused by products that fall short of our health and hygiene needs," and with a company run by women for women, Flex is looking to fix this problem.

The disc's technology allows it to be worn for up to 12 hours leak-free, and fits most sizes. As for its use, the Flex disc requires slightly different insert directions. According to the startup's site, you have to "Slide Flex into the vaginal canal pushing back and down (not up like a tampon) toward the cervix." So far, the company is getting glowing reviews from customers who sampled Flex, with one reviewer writing: "I tried Flex and I really like it! I loved that I was able to leave it in all day without worrying about it."

Granted, the idea of a menstrual disc isn't completely new. Flex's precursor was Softcup, which the startup has already acquired to dominate the menstrual disc market. Mashable reported that this month, Flex raised $1 million with a Silicon Valley incubator round, allowing it to further expand and begin to deliver customers full-size monthly subscriptions.

Flex could be for period sex what Thinx is for blood-stained undergarments. And hey, anything that makes our periods a little easier, we're here for.

You can get a sample of Flex for a $3.95 shipping fee, and try the menstrual disc for yourself.