Taylor Swift and Alanis Morissette Performed “You Oughta Know” Last Night

and it was awesome

Despite a recent dash of backlash for the amount of random famous people Taylor Swift has been trotting out on stage during her 1989 tour, last night in Los Angeles she brought someone out that made perfect sense. On the heels of the 20th anniversary of her seminal album, Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette joined Swift for a rousing rendition of Morissette's breakout hit, "You Oughta Know." You get the sense that a large swath of Swift's audience is too young to know the 1995 break-up anthem, or even who Morissette is, so just in case there was any confusion, Swift filled them in.

“She defined the music of her decade,” Swift told the audience. “She inspired a generation of confessional female singer-songwriters who all of a sudden felt like you could actually say these raw feelings that you had. You could actually sing about your real life, you could put detail to it, you could get really, really made if you wanted to. And I think it’s fair to say that so many of the female singer-songwriters of my generation, including myself, would not write the way that we do without her and her music. And she has written some of the most brilliant music – in particular probably inarguably the greatest breakup song of all-time.”

For some reason, Universal took down the full video of the performance on the grounds of copyright, but you can watch some snippets below.