Taylor Swift to Headline Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2014


Are we really that surprised that everyone's favorite (and most accessible-slash-affordable) lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has again chosen popstar Taylor Swift as a headliner for their infamous runway show? No. And here's why: It's no secret that Tay is BFF with the brand's angels like Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge, so why not pick someone who already feels comfortable standing next to some of the world's most beautiful women without looking awkward? Besides the fact that Swift is friends with these fierce walkers, she also basically looks exactly like them. She's 5'10" (without heels on) and has the perfect body type to be a runway model—a.k.a. the best proportions ever for a performer to be in order to stand among supermodels on television and not cause a controversy.

As a major T. Swift fan though, I have to give Victoria's Secret more credit than just choosing the 1989 singer-songwriter on her looks alone. If last year's runway show is any indication, the models had a blast lip-synching Tay's songs while strutting their stuff on the glittery catwalk and the pop girl knows how to put on a show.

Taylor Swift isn't the only loveable musician playing for Victoria's Secret fans this year, though; Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran were also both confirmed as performers earlier this morning. But, when it comes to the main attraction, we're thinking Taylor will probably steal the show (and there's a good chance her besties will let her).