Were We Wrong About Taylor Swift?

    Looking back on her debut album, 10 years later

    by · October 24, 2016
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    Taylor Swift was not the pop music crossover, industry bigwig she is today when she started 10 years ago. She was a wide-eyed, bushy haired 16-year-old with a knack for songwriting and her guitar. Her debut single, “Tim McGraw,” did well, but Swift was, by no means, garnering more than a billion YouTube views for a single music video. Rather, Swift was a promising act that perked the ears of many country music outlets. It wasn’t until her sophomore album, Fearless, that major media music outlets were starting to see the force of the brand that has become Taylor Swift. Now, her mere breath inspires millions and, in turn, gives her the world.

    Today, on the 10th anniversary of Taylor Swift’s Taylor Swift, let’s look back at what the critics, the small number of them, were saying about her. Spoiler alert: No one was wrong about Taylor Swift’s potential; it’s just no one could have predicted that the former country star would become the pop phenomenon she is today. Can you ever, really?

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