Taylor Swift Full Wildest Dream Music Video

pretty wild

There are a lot of feels on Taylor Swift's 1989 but one of my very favorite feels is that on "Wildest Dreams." Sometimes I like to listen to that song and raise my cat Snacky over my head during the bridge—"He's so tall (lift cat), handsome as hell (lift cat), he's so bad but he does it so we-eh-ell (lift cat extra high)." In fact, it may be the song that most adequately describes my feelings for Snacky. And while I am in the midst of making wildly embarrassing internet admissions, I would also like to say that I was hoping the video for "Wildest Dreams" was just Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris running together in slow motion, embodying the promise of youthful energy and undying, pure love. But, alas, I did not get my way.

Instead, hunky manwich Scott Eastwood plays the "He" in "Wildest Dreams", which is too bad because if Calvin wasn't available, Snacky would have been happy to step in. Instead, here you have Taylor at her most Taylor-est, prancing with a Cecil The Lion lookalike in what must be an homage to "Out Of Africa." The sheer John Hughesian nature of "Wildest Dreams" sadly gives way to feelings of nostalgia and a vintage vibe, which is okay, because nostalgia/vintage vibes are Taylor's stock and trade. It's a good video, even if it is missing the killer cameos of "Bad Blood." And Snacky. Not enough Snacky.