Terror Jr Takes On Shakespeare In A Killer New Song

Romeo + Juliet have a “Death Wish”

Only Terror Jr could turn the tragedy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet into a straight-up bop. The elusive threesome uses the classic tale to illustrate a night of debauchery, skin, and seduction. It's appropriately called "Death Wish." This song by any other name would sound as sweet.

The track itself is riddled with faded sex and a playful production. "You can be my Juliet," Lisa Terror, the trio's enigmatic vocalist, sings to some nighttime lust. "I can be your death wish." Morbid? Yeah, but Terror Jr use it to their advantage, creating a song worth whipping through your neighborhood to, windows down.

Terror Jr is currently working on Bop City 2, the follow-up to their 2016 EP, Bop City. They've been teasing lyrics on Twitter, but you wouldn't know that unless you've heard the song already. (They shared these and these before today's premiere.) "Caramel," another taste of what's to come, dropped earlier this month. How, as Terror Jr would say, grape.