we’ve got the exclusive on terry richardson’s latest project.

by ray siegel

When creative people we love join forces, the result is almost always awesome. So is the case with Terry Richardson's latest collaboration with American Two Shot. The best part? We've got the exclusive on the new line.

The Terry Tee was based on a retro design the photographer did for Colette Paris. We caught up with ATS store owners, Olivia Wolfe and Steph Krasnoff, to find out what it was like to be all up in the making of The Terry Tee.

Why re-release the tees?

We were really excited to do a collaboration with Terry, and we loved the design of his face that he had used before.—OW

How did this collaboration come to be?

We got to talking with him over coffee at Cafe Integral (conveniently located in American Two Shot), and thought this would be a great way to collaborate. These t-shirts are unisex and quirky, exactly how we'd describe ATS.—SK

What was your contribution?

Terry provided the image and we chose the three colors and worked with LQQK studios to print the shirts locally. We really do celebrate our motto, "city of friends," and terry is an example of that. It's amazing to work with friends and become friends with the people you work with.—OW

How did Terry inspire you?

There's a lot that's inspiring about Terry. He's a phenomenal photographer and pretty much a downtown institution but most important, he's a really nice guy.—SK

Describe Terry in one word?

Insert thumbs up emoji.—OW & SK

What's next for ATS?

We've always got something up our sleeve. Big picture: we're working on a monthly event series at ATS  (which we think may be right up NYLON's alley (wink). In the nearer future, we've got a lookbook coming at you next week! Stay tuned and check out our site on the regs.

Say what you will about the overflow of artist and designer collaborations, but this one is worth getting excited about. The Terry Tee goes on sale starting Monday.