illustration by liz riccardi

texts from your ex is the most painful instagram out there

oh, lovely schadenfreude

We all have them. Every single one of us. That relationship that didn't end smoothly or in time, or blew up in our face like horribly timed flash photography, and it haunts us. Still. To this day. Which is why the idea of Texts From Your Ex is so brilliant; we all understand receiving (and even sending) each of these missives. The Instagram site (related: Is Instagram the new Tumblr for single-serve projects?) hosts some painful, hilarious, and all-too-familiar text interactions. The project hosts the "I LOVE YOU/I HATE YOU" interactions, to poignant reminders as to why you broke up in the first place, to some of the cruelest (and deserving) methods of telling someone to "shove off" there may have ever been. 

Who cares whether or not these are real? These are real enough to us. And, you know, most anyone alive. (Bustle)