new york’s biggest designers recall their most creatively challenging moments

part of our ‘that moment’ video series

by nylon

In life—now, forgive the Carrie Bradshaw moment—there comes a time when everything just sort of clicks. Some have called it the “A-ha moment,” while others might yell “Eureka!” We’re simply calling it “That Moment.” Over the next week, we’ll be exploring, questioning, and finding inspiration in other fashion designers’ moments of clarity. Episode one dealt with that creative one; episode two dealt with the films that inspired designers to create works of art; and episode three deals with some of the most creatively challenging moments each designer has faced. There is no one tried-and-true way to find our respective callings. As evident by the following creatives, mistakes and detours are normal—if not expected. But they all lead and prepare us for—wait for it—that moment. See for yourself, above.

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Directed by Joey Kuhn; Shot & Edited by Daniel Huskey.