“UGH!” The 1975’s New Video Is So Good

we’re crushing hard

For a song about cocaine, there’s not a lot of it in The 1975’s new video for “UGH!.” (Let’s be real, though: that’d be a cheap play and the Manchester quartet is far and away from being cheap.) 

Refreshingly, the video is rather low-key and super sexual in the best, nostalgic way possible. Simple and stunning, it features Matty, George, Adam, and Ross in front of a sleek, glitchy light show with bold pops of neon color. There’s no denying a hat tip towards the allure popular 1980s bands had over their screaming fans, turning them on with each hair flip and fancy foot work. Matty embodies the archetypal frontman oscillating between being clothed and shirtless, making folks feel their oats by seducing the camera. "UGH!" proves to be another outstanding preview of what’s to come on the group’s sophomore LP—smooth enough to effortlessly sustain the high Matty’s singing about. It’s deliciously ostentatious, glossy, and yet another reason to get hooked on The 1975. 

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it comes out February 26, 2016.