The Butcher’s Daughter

It’s healthy food, but it doesn’t taste like it…

by Josh Madden

The Butcher's Daughter

Being born and bred in Philadelphia, when I think of a meal sandwiched in between bread, I automatically envision a cheesesteak. Typical, right? But because of that, I think I’ve always been hesitant to dive into the NYC health food world of juicing, raw foods, and veganism. But then there are places, like The Butcher’s Daughter, that have changed my mind completely. This juice bar and cafe is offering up incredible healthy sandwiches, sides, and juices that, dare I say, rival some of my favorite hometown comfort-food eats.

The interior of the Nolita restaurant is what struck me first, looking like a place cut and pasted out of Pinterest. It houses rustic wood tables, hanging fruits and vegetables, which give the space a burst of color, and insane lighting. I took a seat at a stool in the front counter and began to look over the menu which was chock full of vegetables. And considering veggies are the eatery's signature, you know that they have to be top priority. The Butcher’s Daughter only serves the best, sourcing all their ingredients from local and organic farms. I decide to get the Grateful Veg with a side of kale chips, both which came out fairly quickly. The sandwich includes avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, arugula, harissa mayo and cashew carrot cheese on 7 grain bread. Everything tasted incredibly fresh, as if they had been picked just for my lunch. The “cheese” wasn’t as scary as I had thought at first, tasting nutty and creamy but never overpowering the other components. The arugula gave a nice bite to the dish and brought flavor to every mouthful. The kale chips were perfectly crunchy and the added lemon created a pleasant, summery side that I could probably snack on all day.

The biggest surprise of all? I was completely full by the end. The dishes were super satisfying but never once made me feel groggy or heavy, making this spot one of the best places in the city to grab a healthy and filling meal. Check out this Nolita must-eat 


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-words and photos by Banu Ibrahim