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    monday is better with '90s tv, glittery nails, and metric jams!

    by jackie yaeger · June 23, 2014

    The Curator: Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter Manager + City Editor

    The News: GIFs Animate in Tweets -- Boom!I hope you are as obsessed with GIFs as I am, otherwise, this news probably means nothing to you. Until this weekend, it felt kind of lame to share GIFs on Twitter because they didn't animate in Twitter itself. Now, all that has changed and we are finally one step closer to real life being just like life at Hogwarts (because Twitter is basically now a muggle's Daily Prophet).

    The Look: Dunk Your Hands in GlitterThe best part about nail polish is that it can completely change your outfit--am I right?! Black adds a touch of badass to almost any girly look, red adds class to even your jeans'n'tee combo, and glitter, well, just makes everything better. My go-to glitter polish for adding a little shine to my every day look is NCLA's Hollywood Hills Hot Number. You can layer it over your favorite solid color, but my favorite way to rock it is completely by itself. It's way more Britney Spears "Toxic"-esque that way.

    The Face: Maybelline Color Sensational VividsNot so new, but definitely easy to find: These lipstick tubes are as colorful on the outside as they are on the inside (which makes them super easy to find while digging through your purse), but they're also super affordable. This is one product that all my friends who rock longwear lip color swear by (and so do I). Classic brand Maybelline clearly gets that some of us want brighter colors on our kisser than others, and they're fully prepared to hook us up with exactly what we're looking for (especially the ultimate red--#895).

    The Inspiration: Angela Chase in My So-Called LifeIf there's anything I learned from Claire Danes' character, Angela Chase, in the '90s drama TV series My So-Called Life, it's that maybe my thoughts as a 15-year-old were actually as philosophical as I thought they were, that plaid is a pattern you can wear with everything, and that you’re never too old for your dad to warm up your spaghetti. Here's to spending Monday reliving Angela's days at Liberty High School as if they were my own.

    The Song: "Clone" - Metric
    Metric always makes me feel good. But when it comes to Monday mornings where I'm still half asleep while I get ready, "Clone" is the perfect track for waking up slow. Plus, "Nothing I've ever done right happened on the safe side," is a great lyric to have stuck in your head at the start of week.

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