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    how to have a psychedelic summer weekend thanks to nasty gal, mac, and allah-las

    by · June 27, 2014

    The Curator: Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter Manager + City Editor

    The News: There’s a Random Signal Coming from Deep SpaceIn majorly psychedelic news, there’s a random signal coming from deep space that scientists are trying to investigate. Far out. #spaceisawesome

    The Look: Nasty Gal’s Psychedelic BohoAs a regular stalker of, I always look forward to seeing what their newest shopping collections are. This time, the Gone Trippin’ trend hooked me from the first second I saw it. They say it’s time to “Party with the wild-styled Chanel Castaneda in psychedelic ’70s attire” and I couldn’t agree more. From this Crazy Daisy faux leather handbag, to this Blooming Out floral blouse with crocheted bell sleeves, this is definitely the look I’m going for this weekend.

    The Face: MAC Alluring Aquatic Nail Lacquer
    If the psychedelic look is a little too much for you (or if you’re the total opposite and need to rock it everywhere--including your nails) MAC has just the touch you’re looking for. Their Alluring Aquatic Nail Lacquer gives that feel of glitter-floating-in-a-kaleidoscope meets mood-ring-rainbow-iridescence that’s super retro.

    The Inspiration: Tour Poster for Tomorrows TulipsSince garage rockers Tomorrows Tulips are part of the Burger Records roster, you can basically assume that they rule (and I’m not arguing that fact). But my inspiration for today actually comes from their latest US tour poster. I love the psychedelic colors throughout it, and the grungy feel that makes it look like someone may have ripped it off of an actual wall, in an actual sweaty basement, from an actual indie venue that actually is awesome.

    The Song: “No Voodoo” - Allah-Las
    Yes, Allah-Las are a psych rock band from Los Angeles, and it feels like there are kind of a lot of them around these days. But every time I listen to this four-piece, I have absolutely know clue how much time has gone by. When the “shuffle all of their songs” on Spotify actually ends, I’m all, “Wait, what?!” So, for my super psychedelic weekend checklist, this is one band you can’t skip out on playing (on vinyl, if you have it).

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