there’s nothing scary about the outfits in this ’90s teen horror classic.

by rebecca willa davis

Aside from the leaves changing colors and our corner coffee shop bringing back spiced hot chocolate, there are two things we love most about October: Our annual It issue hits newsstands and, duh, Halloween. So naturally we decided to indulge a bit and combine these two amazing things... The result: A weekly countdown of our It Horror Heroines! So invite a friend over, lock the front door, and get ready to get your scream on (and some major Halloween costume inspiration, too). For this week's Private Icon we're inspired by our favorite group of wild Wiccans. Portrayals of witches onscreen normally veers towards the costume-ish (yes, we love Hocus Pocus, but we're not ready to start dressing like Bette Midler), so when it came to pick a fashionable favorite it was obvious: The Craft. The 1996 film features Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, and Rachel True as a group of teens who form a coven to utilize their magical abilities. While the plot is standard teen fare--think high school hierarchies and family drama--the outfits are anything but. From plaid mini-skirts paired with knee-highs to studded chokers and raisin-hued lipstick, it's like Cher Horowitz ditched Dionne and went goth. Needless to say, we love it all. And even when the characters start to lose their minds ("I'm flying! I'm flying!"), they never lose their sense of style.

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