the darcys’ new record warring preview

This record is going to be your favorite release of the fall…

by Josh Madden

If you aren't familair with Darcys yet, get stoked--we're about to put you on to your new favorite band. The Toronto natives have been together since 2006 and are about to release their new record Warring, which is the final installment in a trilogy of albums that includes The Darcys [2011] and AJA [2012]. We got an early listen to the 10 tracks, produced by Tom McFall and written over the last three years, and "Hunting" is one of our new favorites. The landscape of this record is incredible, with super clean vocals, both live and programmed drums, fuzzy guitars and bright organ arrangements. Moments of Warring sound like Jeff Buckley fronting Joy Division and other times it's like Tom Yorke fronting Razorlight circa 2004, but honestly, those are just the available comparisons. The whole record is incredible--like when you buy a record and the whole thing is great and you're happy because that means every song in the live show is gonna be awesome.

Check out a couple tracks from Warring below. But for real, you have to check out the bands website HERE--it's wild, trust us. Also they have some live shows coming up, and you can check the dates HERE. The record is out September 17th and we have a feeling that it's going to be our favorite release of the fall.