the dash wireless smart headphones

The first of its kind…

by Christian Lavery

It’s no secret that smart technology has been popping up everywhere. In the last couple of years alone, we’ve witnessed bracelets become fitness trackers and watches turn into what seems like fully functioning computers. So what’s next? We’re glad you asked.

Looking to fund to the production of the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones via Kickstarter, German-based company Bragi LLC, appears to have pinpointed a product the people want. Already surpassing its pledged goal of $260,000 with 26 days still to go, The Dash headphones are discrete, completely wireless, and designed to deliver the freedom of movement without sacrificing sound and comfort.

Working in uniform with the wearer, the headphones will playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. This is all in addition to its ability to track numerous movements (pace, steps, distance, heart rate, etc.) and double as a Bluetooth headset.

Check out the video below to learn everything The Dash can do, and back the project HERE as you wait for it to hit the market.