Hailee Steinfeld Is The Queen Of Awkward In ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ Trailer

Sexting isn’t easy

by daniel barna

The Edge of Seventeen asks us to buy into international pop star, Oscar-nominated actress, and member of Taylor Swift's squad, Hailee Steinfeld, as the least popular girl in her high school. It's a tall task to be sure, but the new red band trailer has us convinced that Steinfeld can play an awkward nerd with the best of them.

As Nadine, Steinfeld experiences all the things that make being a teenager so damn hard. Her ultra-popular brother starts dating her best friend, her sexts to a varsity dreamboat go horribly wrong, and Woody Harrelson is her guidance counselor. Actually, that last one might not be such a bad thing. 

The Edge of Seventeen—which had its premiere last month at the Toronto International Film Festival—has been hailed by some critics as the latest entry into a high school movie genre, a renaissance as of late thanks to films like Mean Girls and Superbad! Writer and director, Kelly Fremon Craig, looks to have tapped into the same sacred combination of raunchy humor, acerbic wit, and beating heart that made those films feel both fresh and urgent. 

The Edge of Seventeen hits theaters on November 16. Watch the trailer above.