i want your love and i want your revenge. and your nail polish.

by faran krentcil

Lady Gaga has an official contract with M.A.C (she's their latest Viva Glam model, along with Cyndi Lauper). But that hasn't deterred other beauty brands from getting on the Germanotta bandwagon, and the latest is Deborah Lippman. 

The celebrity nail guru has already created lacquers with Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary J. Blige, and Renee Zelwegger.  Now she has a new polish, invented by Lippman but inspired by Gaga herself.  Called "Bad Romance," it's a black, purple, and silver potion that culls its design from Gaga's hit video of the same name.

It's a very cool color, but we're afraid to use it.  That song already gets stuck in our head all the time - what if this nail polish just makes it worse?!

$18 at Deborah Lippman online