Kanye West Makes The New ‘Girl On The Train’ Trailer Even More Haunting

“How could you be so heartless?”

The year's coldest story—cinematically, that is—is almost here. Come October, Paula Hawkins' bestselling novel, The Girl On The Train, will hit theaters and spawn a myriad of think pieces on the pairing of the words "psycho" and "woman." Before all that, though, there's the promotional tour featuring Kanye West. 

Like the premiere trailer, West's "Heartless" scores the movie's most recent visual. It again features the slowed-down remix, one that drags through the first verse with a haunting piano note blaring throughout and that gave us the chills the first time around. Combine that with the movie's cool filter, Gone Girl-style questions of who murdered whom, and a crescendoing orchestra and you've got yourself a trailer full of d-r-a-m-a. 

Of course, this movie, like the book, is being touted as the new Gone Girl. That, however, is a surface level comparison. Yes, the story involves a mysterious murder, an unreliable witness, a possibly sociopathic woman, and questionable motives but that's where it ends. Hawkins' story revolves around Rachel (Emily Blunt), a divorced alcoholic who has created a fantasy life for a couple she sees every day during her train commute. When Megan (Haley Bennett), the wife of the perfect couple, is murdered, Rachel believes she may have a lead as to who could have done it, but things get messy due to her being inebriated at an inconvenient time in an inconvenient place at the time of the murder. It also doesn't help that Megan and her husband live down the street from Rachel's ex-husband (Justin Theroux), a rocky relationship with whom doesn't necessarily help her case.

The Girl On The Train hits theaters October 7, 2016.