will there ever be a 7th heaven reunion?

by adrian brinkley

More than eight years since the release of her debut album Autobiography, it's pretty apparent that Ashlee Simpson is no longer living in anyone else's shadow. With a number of titles (including singer, songwriter, actress and reality television star) already under her belt, and a brand new film (Pawn Shop Chronicles with Elijah Wood, slated for 2013) and album both on the way, the star has a lot more to look forward to in the coming year. We caught up with Simpson at the launch of Samsung's new Galaxy S III phone in New York City to catch up.

How long have you been here in New York City?

I just got here today, but I was just here this past weekend and flew back today.

Oh really? Why were you here over the weekend?

My man – haha!

You always look great but it's really your hair that tends to be the focus of discussion a lot of times. What are you planning to do with it next?

I'm kind of in this fun in-between stage right now. My stylist Jenny Cho came over the other day, actually, and I was like “I'm kinda thinking I wanna grow it out!” So just cut a little bit in the back so it could grow normal. I just feel like I've already gone so far – I'm going to go just a little bit longer and then I don't know.

Speaking of hair, your son Bronx probably has the best hair in Hollywood. Does he have his own little shelf of Bumble and bumble products at home?

Yeah, his hair is pretty awesome. I do use some of my conditioner on just the ends of his hair (because it's baby hair) but he really likes it to be long.

You're currently dating Boardwalk Empire star Vincent Piazza. Are you a fan of the show yourself?

I love the show and he's absolutely brilliant – he's great in everything he does. [Also] I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones! It is soooo good, oh I love it. Who's your favorite character? Oh, Khaleesi for sure. I'm dying to see what happens with her and those dragons.

What about us? We're dying to know what happens to the 7th Heaven gang! If there was ever a 7th Heaven remake would you be down for doing it?Oh, lord! Hahaha – [My character] Cecilia's still at college! Umm, I'd be happy to see everyone.

You also have a new movie coming out called Pawn Shop Chronicles. What's it actually about? Can you tell us anything regarding the plot?

I can't! But it's a really rad movie, it's got a really cool style. I think people will be shocked – it's going to be fun for everyone to check it out. It was cool to see everyone in the film getting their ‘white trash' on.

When's your next album coming out? I assume you haven't given up on your music career…

I was actually playing a couple of tracks for my friends tonight! No, I haven't given up. I feel bad to even talk about it because everyone's going to be like, “Wait, what! When?” But, needless to say, I'm really proud of the sounds and I'm really excited for it to be an artistic venture. The sound is a little soulful, a little electronic…

You probably have one of the most notorious Saturday Night Live performances of all time. But some said you were trumped by Lana Del Rey. Did you catch her performance? What did you think?

I think she's great and I think when an artist is new and fresh it's hard. You grow throughout the years and that's what's great about it. It makes you stronger and you never have to worry about that stuff anymore. For me, it made me a strong woman and into a mother.

Right now is such a great time for female musicians. Is there anyone out there who you really enjoy listening to?

I actually love the ‘90s. I love Beth Hart, I loved Hole, it's also great to see Garbage back with Shirley Manson. They're who I look up to – it's so great to see those women kicking ass.

Shirley Manson was just on the cover of our NYLON music issue!

Yeah, I saw that! She looked great, it was really cute.

Aside from the music and your upcoming film, do you have anything else going on?

No, I'm just taking my time being a mom. I'm not in a rush, I just want the record to speak for itself and it definitely is an emotional one. So I'm just doing that.