on 7-eleven slurpees and being single.

by ray siegel

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens showed us their not-so innocent side in Haromy Korine's Spring Breakers, but the truly badass star of the film turned out to be Ashley Benson-- her character led a drug-fueled killing spree all in the name of "sprang break." Yesterday, Benson hosted 7-Eleven's summer slurpee kickoff--and though we couldn't be there in person to record a Vine video of the actress sucking down the new Light Sprite flavor, she called us from the Sunset boulevard convenient store location.

It's been a wild ride for you since your role in Spring Breakers. How are you handling it?

It's very weird and new for me, but it's been nothing but great things. Then came the paparazzi and people wanting to know what I'm doing all the time...

How did you end up endorsing 7-Eleven?

They approached me and they were doing this whole slurpee thing. I've been drinking them forever--since I was little. The Sprite flavor the first sugar free slurpee--it's only 20 calories. It's really good for summer. 7-Eleven will have 49 cent slurpees all Memorial Day weekend to kick off summer slurpees.

We loved how your profile in the May issue of NYLON turned out. Please tell us it was your favorite shoot that you've done.

Yes, my favorite! It was so amazing. Guy Aroch is such an amazing photographer. My best friend came and it was super chill and relaxed. And the pictures are amazing. Every time they showed me one on set I freaked out. The styling was amazing--I loved all the clothes that I wore. I got to help create the looks the way would do wear them, so I did a lot of edgier looks mixed with girly looks.

What's next for you?

There's a lot of really good projects that hopefully i'll be able to do. Everything that's been thrown at me has been amazing. They're all really great roles that I've really wanted to do. I want to play this crazy drug addict or some girl with problems. It's so far from who I am, so it's fun to play those far-out roles.

Emma Watson recently said in an interview that she wanted to play her character in The Bling Ring because it's the type of girl she hates the most.

It's fun--you're almost, kind of, making fun of them to a point. I can't talk about any specific roles yet.

Other than drinking 7/11 slurpees, what are your summer plans?

I'm going to Europe in July and I'm going to Mexico in two weeks. I never take any vacation time, so I'm super excited about that. My work schedule keeps me busy, but I love being busy, so it's not bad.

What music are you into?

Rihanna, Kanye West, and Chris Brown. I did go see Rihanna on tour and it was amazing. I'm really excited to see Kanye and Justin Timberlake this summer.

Is there anything about you that you want your fans to know?

They can know that I'm single. A lot of sites are saying that I have a boyfriend. I'm a tomboy. I love hanging out with guys. I have a couple girlfriends, but I mostly hang out with guys. I'm not dating all of my friends like those sites say. Oh and--I'm learning the guitar and learning Portuguese!