“of course they’re real! everything on me is real!”

by faran krentcil

Are you obsessed with Azealia Banks? Duh. So when we spotted the up-and-coming rapper in the front row of this week's Mulberry show (where she sat next to her future duet partner, Lana Del Rey) we knew we had to interview you. Fortunately, so did Leigh Lezark, who introduced us after the Topshop Unique show. (Thanks LL!)

How's your first Fashion Week? It's great; I love London and all the kids with their style... There's so much energy here, it's exciting!

Karl Lagerfeld made you the face of his Net-a-Porter collection, and Nicola Formicetti used your track in his Thierry Mugler menswear show - the only other person he's used is Lady Gaga. How's the whole fashion muse thing going? It's a flatter, but I'm just trying to stay focused and get my album done, you know? I'm keeping my mind off of it.

That must be hard in the front row of a show! Yeah, well I'm not trying to withdraw, but I am trying to find that personal space again because I have an album to finish. All the praise from the fashion world is great but now everybody wants a piece and everybody wants an interview, but I need to step away and get my music done!

Tell us about your album. It's gonna be amazing!

Tell us something we don't know about your album! Aw, thank you. Okay, it's called Broke With Expensive Taste and it's coming out in September. The theme is a young girl trying to find it, you know?

Find what? Success! Herself! Her path! The young girl trying to make it! That girl who's at the end of her childhood trying to get a job and make some money, you know? She needs to get what she can get! She needs to go out there and show people she knows how to work for it.

What's the first designer thing you ever bought? I think the first piece of designer clothing I ever owned was a Louis Vuitton bag that my boyfriend bought for me when I was eighteen.

Good boyfriend! Yeah, right?! (Laughing.)

Last question for now - are your eyelashes real? Because they're hypnotizing. Yes my eyelashes are real! Of course they're real! I was born this way. Oh, and I use this mascara by BeneFit called "They're Real." And they are! Everything on me is real!