“i get into moods where I’m like, i need to go camping tomorrow”

by ali hoffman

You may know her as Lux Cassidy on Life Unexpected or as Cassie Blake on Secret Circle, but either way Britt Robertson's about to take a major leap as a leading lady on the big screen. Starring in Jon Kasdan's The First Time (hitting theaters tonight!), the North Carolina blonde plays a typical high school girl alongside Dylan O'Brien and Victoria Justice. Her performance, on the other hand, is far from typical; she's honest, raw, and really, really adorable. With two other movies in production, we managed to steal a few minutes with Robertson to talk about Imagine Dragons, what it's actually like to film a sex scene, and jet skiing.

Did you drawn on your own high school experiences to get into character for The First Time?

I didn't have a lot of high school experience to draw from, since I was home-schooled. But as I grew up, I was still always feeling the same pressures as my friends who went to typical high schools.

So, this movie has a pretty steamy sex scene…Was that awkward to shoot?

I feel like people are normally to shy to ask me that! But I'm like, Bring it on! I've shot a few sex scenes before this movie, but it had never been this elaborate and this romanticized. With this film and that scene you sort of see everything…It's pretty raw.

Do you feel weird about your family and friends seeing it?

I feel weird about my family watching anything I do! But this performance is one of my favorite things I've ever done. From the get-go it seemed like a really great opportunity. Jon (Kasdan) had a really strong vision for what he wanted.

Did you have fun working with Victoria Justice?

I really only worked with her for a few scenes, but we hung out a little bit at Sundance. That was cool. Victoria and I have a lot of mutual friends in common though, so I see her around. 

Overall, do you prefer working on a TV show or on a movie?

It's hard to say. People always say that film is more the desired route. I don't think that's really the case. I think it's more about the work. With TV, you have a consistent job from 9 months! That seems so ideal to me.

What do you do on your days off?

I'm pretty simple. I like going to the movies and playing with my dogs. I enjoy going jet skiing…sometimes. I get into moods where I'm like, I need to go camping tomorrow.

What's the most recently played song on your iPod?

I just downloaded the new Imagine Dragons album. It's so awesome--like The Kills meets Coldplay. I also just downloaded the new Ellie Goulding album, which I love. She's great.