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    by · June 22, 2011
    Creepy-crawly ants, beetles, and even bloody tears. Let’s face it: there’s jewelry, and then there’s Delfina Delettrez jewelry. With her edgy goth-glam collections (sold at retailers like Opening Ceremony) this Rome-based designer and member of the Fendi clan has proven that sometimes the weirdest, most out-there inspirations actually turn out to be the prettiest pieces of all. We asked Delfina about her jewelry, playing muse to herself, and how pearls and skulls can coexist- and still look cool.You first became interested in jewelry when....After I saw my first piece realized four years ago, I was so excited that I knew that I wanted to keep making jewelry! My first piece was a skull necklace made of four different colors of silver and bone.If you had to describe your latest collection in one sentence, you’d say...The new collection is a dance- Stones and pearls move and mesh together, while rings float on the body like gyroscopes.You make your jewelry (for yourself, your friends, a particular muse, etc).....Exclusively thinking about myself and following my personal taste.A jewelry trend you’ll never understand is....Charm bracelets. I‘ve always hated them!The piece of jewelry you’d be saddest if you lost is...I would say my 42 carat black diamond eye ring!The music you play in your studio is..... It depends on the collection I am working on and my mood. If I need to concentrate and relax, I listen to more soft music that opens my brain to new stimuli- it could be Maria Callas, which I love, or Jeff Buckley. Otherwise, I put my vinyl records on and I listen to my collection of rock music.See our favorite Delfina Delettrez pieces below, and check out more of the collection here.
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