we get the scoop on her picture-perfect clothes.

by liza darwin

Many designers claim to draw influence from nature, but Karla Spetic takes her outdoor inspiration a little more literally. The Croatia-born, Sydney-based designer specializes in making breezy dresses, boyish trousers, and slim-cut blazers printed with windmills and winding roads that take you on a trip through the gorgeous countryside. Her S/S11 collection, "Centre," is study in contrasts, as she manages to make each of her tomboyish silhouettes undeniably feminine with touches like sheer fabric and ruched details. Spetic's already won tons of hype overseas and online, so isn't time we got to know her, too?

You grew up in Croatia but moved to Australia. Which place influences your designs more?

At this present moment I would say Australia because I'm based here. Lately my surroundings have played a very important role in my work.

If you could dress anyone in Karla Spetic, who would it be?

I admire the work of Claire Danes, Sophie Lowe, Charlotte Gainsbourg. They carry this strength whilst at the same time portray fragile sensibilities.

Many of your clothes have a slight boyish feel. Were you a tomboy growing up?

'Centre' ss 1011 definitely has that feel. It's more relaxed and has undertones of menswear, which I love. I think nowadays clothing is becoming somewhat unisex. I think it's great to be able to wear your boyfriend's shirt and feel really good. When I was younger my mother had a very interesting way of dressing me in Bermuda shorts with a tucked in shirt and frilly knee high socks with patent Mary Janes. I hated it so much and would have preferred to be in a dress like most of my girl friends. When I see the photos now I think I looked pretty stylish.

If we looked inside your closet, we'd find....

A big mess.

Your Spring collection is filled with graphic photo prints. How did the idea come about?

I had the idea of 'wearing what we see'. I wanted to portray a certain sense of rawness with these photographs and translate them into everyday clothing.

What type of music do you play in your studio?

Everything from Beach House to Tupac.

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