the insider: kat graham

the witches keep coming…

by caitlin smith

Kat Graham is the full package. A backup dancer for music moguls like Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani, and will.i.am, Graham was the perfect pick for Honey 2, which finds her stepping into Jessica Alba's dancing shoes.  Graham, who also stars on The Vampire Diaries on The CW, has been using her spare time wisely by working on her debut album (check out her single "Sassy".)

How was touring with will.i.am?  Such a fun experience.  We did one country a day so I was messed up by the time we got to Nigeria.  There was one time, I think we had just landed in Russia, that I literally hadn't slept a wink in three days.  I was just 18. 

Aren't you multilingual? I was born in Switzerland and started speaking Hebrew when I was six or seven.  Then I went to Lycee Francais and learned French.  I know Spanish as well and, in Portugal, I was in love with my ski instructor who didn't speak any English, so I had to learn Portuguese to speak him. 

What kinds of fans do you have through Vampire Diaries? When you play a role, it attracts people that are similar to that character.  I play a witch, so Wiccans will hit me up.  A girl once gave me a bag of chicken bones; I guess she assumed I would know what to do with them.  It freaked me out.

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