“ryan gosling is the best.”

by ali hoffman

At 19, Saoirse Ronan's got a an IMDB profile most actors would kill for. The Irish actress has worked with everyone from Peter Jackson to Jim Sturgess to Cate Blanchett, and played everything from an orphan to an assassin. Oh and did we mention she's currently in Detroit, starring in what will be Ryan Gosling's directorial debut?

Today, Ronan's latest flick Violet & Daisy officially hits theaters. Starring alongside Alexis Bledel, Cody Horn, and James Gandolfini, Ronan once again plays a killer--only this time, the vibe is more Spring Breakers meets KIll Bill. We gave Ronan a call in between takes with Mr. Gosling to talk about Kristen Wiig, Gilmore Girls, and Beach House.

How's it been working with Ryan Gosling?

Ryan's the best. He's just cool. He's just really relaxed and very open minded. Completely open to how everyone else feels. He's a very humble guy.

Have you ever been totally starstruck when meeting another actor?

If I met Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig, I'd be really starstruck. I would love to meet Kristen Wiig. I've watched Bridesmaids so many times!

You filmed Violet & Daisy in New York right? Do you like being in the city?

Yeah, I think it was nearly three years ago when we filmed. i was born in New York, but hadn't spent time there since I was young. I completely fell in love with it when we made the film. it was halloween when we were there too, which was great since Halloween isn't nearly as big at home.

Did you have fun working with Alexis Bledel?

I loved working with her. We got on really well. I watched Gilmore Girls all the time when I was a kid, and I've always thought Alexis has this thing that's so natural.

It's kind of funny that this is your second time playing a killer, no?

Ha, yeah. I don't know why! I guess it just kind of happened. I was a bit hesitant before I read the script because of that. My friends we're like, 'oh you've played two assassins now!' But Violet & Daisy is nothing like Hanna. My characters not really a killer--well, she's not meant to be...unlike Hanna.

What music are you into right now?

I still love Beach House and always will. First Aid Kit is another one I really love. I've been listening to Shangrai Las a lot too.

Violet & Daisy hits theaters today!