the insiders: karlie kloss and joan smalls

meet the new hosts of house of style.

by ali hoffman

Aside from Katie Perry and Rihanna whispering like besties and Taylor Swift crowd-surfing, the most newsworthy item at last week's Video Music Awards was definitely Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls announcing they will be the new hosts of MTV's House of Style. We pretty much freaked out, as we've been crazy about Karlie and Joan for as long as we can remember, but also because we watched the original House of Style- you know, the one with Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn, and Molly Sims- religiously (yes, we've been around that long). By some miracle, we caught up with Joan at a Mercedes Benz event and caught Karlie on the phone to discuss their new gig and what it's like to step into Cindy Crawford's shoes (er, heels).

Did you watch the original House of Style? Joan, you were about one-years-old when it premiered, and I don't think Karlie was born yet!

JS: I was too young but i saw the clips online. It's the same chemistry that we have backstage- just like hanging with your friends.

KK: Yeah I've definitely been doing my homework and watching all those incredible clips! I almost feel like I'm having a history lesson. What's amazing is that the same people are all still huge players.  For Joan and I, it's like the same song just a different verse. 

When watching the clips, what seemed different about the modeling world today?

KK: The whole industry has changed! It's definitely not quite as much about glamazon women.  Back then it was more about the girls than it was about the collections. Now Joan and I have been given this opportunity to show that we personalities and aren't just clothes hangers.

Do you feel intimidated at all to follow in Cindy Crawford's footsteps?

JS: Luckily i have big feet! (laughs)

KK: Joan and I are so unique and so different in our ways, but we're both two girls that grew up watching MTV…we're just normal girls. And I think that was what was so cool about Cindy Crawford- she was from Illinois!

JS: Yeah it's not about filling anyone shoes. We just have to be us.

What T.V. shows are you watching these days?

KK: Well I'm a big sports fan! So I'm always catching a baseball. And now it's football season!

JS: I love watching movies. I love scary movies! And sometimes (hesitates)…. I admit I watch reality TV. My guiltiest pleasure is definitely Jersey Shore. The first season!