the guys fill us in on their new superhero movie.

by liza darwin

The world has seen its fair share of superhero movies, but we're betting it hasn't seen anything quite like Alter Egos, Jordan Galland's new indie comedy. Starring Danny Masterson, Brooke Nevin, and more, the film follows an out of work, real-life super hero who's lost all public support and government funding (yes, really). We talked with Galland and his friend Sean Lennon, who made the soundtrack, about their new project, dream powers, and why they're not trying to make yet another Superman.

First thing's first: why superheroes?

Jordan: Superheroes seemed like a timely thing to make a film about. I felt like nobody had made the superhero film where the people were real; it's the opposite of films like Kickass, where they put on an outfit and become superheroes. They have weird powers even after they take off their costume. I felt it would resonate with people.

Were you guys all friends before?

Jordan: Definitely. I had wanted to work with people I've worked with on my first film, so I recruited my friends like Sean.

Sean: Jordan is my partner in crime for a lot of projects. We used to play music together, we write scripts together, so when it came time to scoring his films I felt like I had to do it.

How does the music play into the story?

Sean: I had read a really early version of the script and it sounded funny. In terms if the music I was excited to try to do something that was grandiose and superhero-y, but without much budget.

Jordan, how did you come up with the characters' powers?

Jordan: It sounds strange, but they kind of just came to me. I thought about the colors that I'd wanted, like yellow and blue being the two primaries and then with the limited budgets in the effects. That's how I came up with Fridge, the main character, who shoots ice out of his hands.

Did you look to any other superhero films as inspiration?

Jordan: I didn't reference anything that specifically. we played with the idea that superheros have to change in and out of their costumes, and reiterate that thing when Clark Kent goes into a phone booth and pops out as Superman.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Jordan: To have a deeper understanding, just in general.

Sean: That's hard. I don't think I would want to be a Wondertwin, but since that's the only thing I can think of I'll go with that. Between them, though, I'd rather be the girl twin- not the dude [laughing].

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