sean lennon and charlotte kemp muhl, backstage at nyfw.

by liza darwin

Models and musicians. Tired formula? Not with The GOASTT, the band composed of Charlotte Kemp Muhl and her boyfriend, Sean Lennon. Together the couple fuse ethereal vocals, folksy melodies,and various instruments for a free-spirited sound that's all their own. The twosome performed today at the Rebecca Minkoff runway show, and we caught up with them backstage afterward.

How did you guys team up with Rebecca Minkoff?

Charlotte: They asked us a week or so before the show, and we sort of figured out a couple of things that we could play.

How did you select which songs you performed?

Sean: For the show, they asked us for "Dead Meat" and "Jardin Du Luxembourg," at the end, but for the middle they just told us to play instrumental.

Charlotte: We also played our song "Candy Necklace" which is on our record, and then a cover of Serge Gainsbourg, which always does well during Fashion Week.

What other designers are you guys into?

Charlotte: ThreeasFOUR and Alexander McQueen.

Sean: Galliano is cool. We love the couture stuff.

What are your favorite places to shop?

Charlotte: Exquisite Costumes. It sells Victorian stuff.

Sean: It's not vintage, exactly, but it's from around the '1890s.

What bands are you listening to right now that you feel NYLON should know about?

Sean: There's this band called Tune-Yards, they're friends of ours. They're with us at SXSW on March 19. They're from Oakland and were just signed by The Dirty Projectors.

Charlotte: They're another boy-girl team, like us.

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?

Sean: I would love to play with Antony and the Johnsons. To open every night for them would be amazing.

Charlotte: I would like to play bass.

Sean: What is this, a mutiny? What if i began encroaching on your territory? Maybe I should be the new face of Maybelline!

Charlotte: [laughing] Oh, snap!

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