‘The Leftovers’ Final Season Gets The Trippy Trailer It Deserves

The end is coming

by daniel barna

The end is nigh for The Leftovers, whose third and final season debuts next month on HBO. But as the new full-length trailer suggests, that ending might be twofold. You see, it's the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure, and things are getting weird. Like, the-world's-about-to-end-and-Justin-Theroux-is-the-only-person-who-can-save-it kind of weird.

Fans of the show know that Damon Lindelof's existential experiment traffics in weird, but even he thinks audiences will be struck by how different this season feels from seasons past. That might have something to do with the fact that season three unfolds in Australia of all places, or because the show is coming to an end, which Lindelof said infuses it with “a certain degree of energy that’s different, perhaps, than the previous seasons.”

Either way, we're looking forward to finally finding out what happened to the Disappeared. Or maybe we won't. The last time Lindelof had to stick a landing, things didn't go so well. Will he try and redeem himself from the Lost fiasco by giving fans the answers they crave? We'll find out when the final season of The Leftovers drops April 16 on HBO. Watch the trailer above.