‘The Lobster’ Trailer: This Movie Is The ACTUAL “Dating Apocalypse” 

get hitched or turn into an animal

Recently, our colleagues over at Vanity Fair surmised that the rise of the reputed “hook-up culture” surrounding Tinder and other similar apps had brought forth a “dating apocalypse”—an era where rampant, random sex had made actual one-to-one intimacy all but impossible. 

That’s fine and all, but clearly they had not seen this trailer for Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz’s forthcoming deadpan, screwball rom-com, The Lobster. In this far more apocalyptic take on the dating scene set in a somewhat shadowy singles' resort, one must either find love or turn into an animal…like, an actual animal with fur and claws and such. 

Had Vanity Fair’s editors known of The Lobster, they never would have been so dire about the world of Tinder. After all, the downsides of waking up next to someone you barely know are nothing compared to the downsides of waking up as a crustacean. 

The Lobster hits U.K. screens in October, though it has no U.S. release date.