The Mantry Company

The man’s modern pantry…

by Josh Madden

It's "Cyber Monday" and the shopping season is on extra-flex for the next 2 weeks so we're stoked to bring you one of the most radical gift ideas we've seen in a minute. The service is called Mantry and the idea is revolutionary because we've never seen anything dude-food-centric like this. The concept is this; artisanal American food, sourced from around the US and then delivered monthly at a serious value.

Think Hotcake mix, stone ground in Nebraska, BBQ sauce crafted in the backwoods of Alabama, bison jerky from the foothills of Montana and more, all from small batch specialists, in a box, on your doorstep. You can sign up for a one, three, or six month subscription and the Mantry team ensures they will surprise you with the best deals and most delicious food you've ever experienced. What's more, the team anticipates things like Father's day and different seasons often building packages around to them.

Check out past boxes HERE and knock out all of your shopping HERE. You can keep up with Mantry on Twitter HERE and "Like" them on Facebook HERE. We successfully wrote this whole post with a mouthful of Beer & Pretzel bites from the package they dropped off!