the new ep from broken hands

Just in time to get stoked for their show with The Stones…

by Josh Madden

Not too long ago we premiered "Curves," the first track off of Broken Hands' new EP Down By The Current, out today. The band met and became friends over a mutual love of Fleetwood Mac, psych rock, garage rock, and Blues. Which is why they're super stoked to play with the gods of all things psych-garage-blues, The Rolling Stones, at Hyde Park on July 6th. The band couldn't have dropped Down By The Current at a better time, as two weeks is just enough to get amped for the big show. Lead singer Dale Norton writes '"Plagued by torrential rain, I waded through T-In The Park's Scottish mud and stopped at the live arena to witness hundreds of mini-events unfold... Groups of new-found friends danced without a care for time, or the knowledge that their tent had also been engulfed by the torrent. All this was being fuelled by the music - the songs on this EP are anchored to these and our own experiences.Those people were in the moment and we want our music to be there when it happens again.”

When you hear this collection of songs you'll recognize that festival ready sound and if you're in London you can see them along with The Stones, Palma Violets, The Vaccines, Temeper Trap, Splashh, and A couple more amazing bands. Congrats on a rad EP guys, have a great show!