the photography of pool side’s bertie pearson

by Josh Madden

There's a lot of downtime when you're in a band; traveling around in vans, the moments from soundcheck and showtime, in between tours. Needless to say, there's plenty of time for a good hobby--and for Bertie Pearson, Poolside Percussionist, that hobby is photography. A couple of days after SXSW, when we were settled back into the office, we got an e-mail with a bunch of rad pictures from our party. It turns out Bertie was there because Poolside was playing a DJ set and not a live set, so he took the time to take photos. We immediately hopped on the phone with Pearson and that's when he told us that he met Poolside pals Jeff and Phillip back in college, that there was a previous band called Paradise Boys, and much to our surprise he's never been a professional photographer. After checking out his website we think this Poolside bro has a serious future not only behind the drum kit, but most likely behind the lens too. Thanks to the band for not only slaying our SXSW party but also documenting it!