The Pretty Reckless Is Back With “Take Me Down”

Making deals with the devil

In a summer where sultry pop and hip-shaking dance music have dominated the charts, The Pretty Reckless has emerged with a much-needed punch of rock ‘n’ roll energy. With its first new music since 2013, the rock band, fronted by Taylor Momsen, has embraced a grooving, unapologetic sound that marks a departure from its earlier releases.

“Take Me Down” delivers the harmonious blend of rock and religion that The Pretty Reckless has become known for. But with a lighter composition of guitar and percussion, this track looks towards more classic rock (think: The Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil”)—rather than forging into the punk rock territory the band once operated in. Change, as musicians have proved time and time again, is not a bad thing. A triumphantly soaring chorus and a steady beat make this The Pretty Reckless’s most danceable track yet, proving that, even in the age of EDM and electro-pop, rock ‘n’ roll will never truly die.

The band’s adage of a deal made with the devil shows that the group is far from abandoning its go-to religious imagery and dark vibes. This time around, though, we might just get something we can sing along to.

Produced by longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala, The Pretty Reckless’s third studio album will be released in autumn.