the cool cat gets lost in translation.

by nylon

We can't name one It Girl with a resume as extensive and versatile as Sanrio's queen, miss Hello Kitty. From Vans to Ninja Turtles to Smart Cars, the tomcat's traveled near and far for a good collab.

For her latest stint, the cool cat jetted off to Tokyo, resulting in the Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Limited Edition Capsule Collection sold exclusively at Sephora. Scroll down to see each editor's inspiration and their favorite products from the range, or shop the entire collection here! shop the entire collection here!


The Editor: Ray Siegel, Senior Web Editor

The Inspiration: I've never been to Japan, but I imagine that if I did my experience would be a lot like Scarlett Johannsen and Billy Murray's. As soon as I saw Hello Kitty with Japanese writing on the box I remembered their amazing roles in that movie and, well, "Santori time!" You could seriously get "lost" playing around with this makeup collection for hours like we did.

Products Used: Tokyo Pop Eyeshadow Palette ($45), Tokyo Pop Liquid Nail Art ($10)

The Editor: Ali Hoffman, Web Editor

The Inspiration: Since Tokyo's known for massive buildings and bright, man-made neon lights, I liked the idea of looking at the antithesis: vibrant colors found in nature. The result? Nation Geographic goes to a super club.

Products Used: Tokyo Pop Liquid Nail Art ($10), Tokyo Pop Mirror ($20)

The Editor: Katie Dickens, Beauty Editor

The Inspiration: The first thing that came to mind when I saw the Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop collection? Cat cafes! Those oases of caffeine and kitties that have been all the rage in Japan. It's a trend that I pray never catches on in The States--but when in Rome?

Products Used: Tokyo Pop Rollergloss ($18), Tokyo Pop Wide Tooth Comb ($12)