Watch Leonardo DiCaprio In The Full Trailer For The Revenant


If you're missing bearded Leonardo DiCaprio as much as we are, here's some good news. 20th Century Fox has released the full trailer for DiCaprio's latest Oscar bid, The Revenant, and not only does it feature that so-imperfect-it's-perfect facial hair, but it also has bear attacks, hatchet fights, horses falling off cliffs, and a bunch of other completely insane stuff that was totally normal back in the early days of the American frontier. 

The movie's first breathtaking trailer gave us a look at the movie's naturalistic feel—director Alejandro Iñárritu shot only in natural light—but here we get a better idea of the plot. DiCaprio plays a fur trapper who, after getting attacked by a bear, is left for dead by his companions, who also kill his son. But they didn't actually kill him, and so begins a trek through the wilderness to find them and exact brutal, gory revenge. This looks like the performance that might finally catapult Leonardo DiCaprio to the front of the Best Actor Oscar race. I mean, look at the way he devours that raw fish—with conviction, people.